Why OSR?

OSR has a passion for helping companies develop and maintain compliance programs that integrate with business activities to ensure a company is ethical and compliant as they grow their business. We believe a good compliance strategy and close collaboration with all stakeholders is the only way to maintain compliance with laws, rules and regulations in our highly regulated industry.

What We Do

Compliance Programs

OSR helps small companies develop sound ethics and compliance programs. We use the OIG’S “7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program” as a starting point and then develop programs that meet all state and federal compliance requirements to avoid unwanted scrutiny, enforcement and fines. We understand your challenge – we are former compliance officers and compliance professionals. We help our companies stay on the right track and out of trouble.

Here is how we make it happen.

OSR’s Proprietary 4-Phase Roadmap to Success:

  • Compliance Risk/Program Assessment
  • Identify & document inherent compliance risks – address performance gaps by assessing how your employees (marketing, medical, clinical, customer service and sales force) are personally handling interactions, programs and messaging with healthcare professionals.
  • Compliance Program Development – Provide direction + support for implementing a compliance program that adheres to the OIG’S “7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program”.
  • Compliance Monitoring & Support – Provide ongoing and/or periodic support of developed compliance programs and operations to sustain your program. OSR can monitor how marketing campaigns or corporate initiatives in the field are implemented, and how contracted healthcare professionals are managing the delivery of speaker programs and/or other medical education content. An effective compliance monitoring program will diagnose compliance failings quickly, providing an opportunity to develop solutions and improved compliance over time.

OSR has worked with over 40 companies to provide the following:

  • Compliance Expertise and Guidance
  • Customizable Compliance Policy Templates and Defined Processes
  • Resource Library of Materials and Tools
  • Access to OSR’s Compliance Training Platform

Monitoring and Auditing

  • Field Monitoring
    • Ride Alongs
    • Speaker Programs
    • Data Analytics
      • Sales Representatives
      • Doctor Interactions
      • Emails
  • Strategic Monitoring Plans
    • Quick Start Guides
    • Protocol Development
  • Access to OSR’s Compliance Training Platform

Let OSR help you design a cost-effective monitoring program that leverages:

  • Digital monitoring technology (email and communications)
  • Records and transaction monitoring
  • Focused area monitoring (e.g. field representative ride-alongs, live speaker programs, congresses and medical affairs activities)

Support Models

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your current and ongoing needs. We offer the following support models:

  • Flexible Staffing Resources to Augment Your Team – from Compliance Officer to Compliance Staff
  • Training programs to bring your company up to speed quickly
  • Full Monitoring, Audit & Investigations
  • Outsourcing Compliance Functions

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• Analytics Dashboard
• Policy Templates
• Library of Tools and Resources
• Technology Enabled Monitoring