MLR Review On-Demand

Regulatory, Medical & Legal Just-in-Time Review

OSR’s MLR Review On-Demand service is here to give you the help you need, when you need it:

  • Is your company in an early stage (Phase 2 or 3) and need review of a press release discussing clinical trial results or a materials for an upcoming scientific congress?
  • Do you have a promotional piece(s) for an approved product that needs medical, regulatory, and/or legal review today (e.g., an expedited piece) and you're too busy to meet the commercial teams timelines or volume?
  • Are you in Marketing and would like an additional opinion or benchmarking on a piece or a topic that's being considered by your PRC team?
  • Are you in Regulatory, Medical or Legal and want to see if your comments or approach to a promotional piece/topic (e.g., CFL, Payer topic) are supported by your industry peers with extensive review experience?

OSR On-Demand Review in a few simple steps:

Step 1: You probably want to have us sign a CDA prior to discussing your project with OSR.

You can email us your confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) or sign our company CDA.

Step 2: Complete a brief explanation of piece(s), type of review required (Regulatory, Medical, Legal, or a combination), and date needed.

Please fill out the Google Form found below.

Step 3: OSR will send a Statement of Word (SOW) with a quote for your approval and signature*

Step 4: Upload your materials with references and the OSR expert reviewer will review the materials and be available to schedule a call, if needed.

*Pay invoice by credit card, check, or ACH transfer.

OSR knows MLR.