Compliance Program Development and Monitoring

"The OSR team had our monitoring program up and running fast . A qualified team, an affordable solution - much simpler than building an in-house function. "

Why OSR?

With the right plan, you can integrate business activities and ensure your company is ethical and compliant as it grows.

OneSource Regulatory™ helps companies develop and maintain effective compliance programs.

OSR has worked with over 40 companies to provide:

  • Compliance expertise and guidance
  • Comprehensive compliance program roadmap
  • Customizable compliance policy and process templates
  • Innovative monitoring and auditing programs

Monitoring and Auditing

The compliance monitoring program OneSource Regulatory provides includes:

  • Field monitoring - ride-alongs, speaker programs and other events
  • Monitoring of data analytics from sales representatives, HCP interactions, and email
  • Strategic monitoring plans such as quick start guides and plans for protocol development

Compliance Programs

OneSource Regulatory™ helps small companies develop ethics and compliance programs. We use the Office of the Inspector General’s seven elements of an effective compliance program as a starting point and then develop programs to meet state and federal compliance requirements to avoid unwanted scrutiny, enforcement, and fines. We understand your challenge — we are former compliance professionals and officers.

To make that happen, we implement our proprietary four-step process:

  1. Perform program assessment
  2. Identify and document inherent compliance risks
  3. Compliance program development
  4. Compliance monitoring and support