OneSource Regulatory (OSR) is excited to offer a web-based solution called DOC Label that can help your regulatory/label team as they work through the labeling process for your approved pipeline products.

DOC Label is a centralized solution for structured and unstructured data contained in US and UK physician labels, as well as patient medication guides and patient information leaflets (PIL).

Some of the key features of the DOC Label Solution are:

  • Search, browse, and compare labels with simple or complex keywords (now enhanced with synonym libraries and natural language processing tools)
  • Automatic alerts – new labels, new versions of existing labels, and key search terms of interest
  • Side-by-side results of multiple labels in an interactive search environment
  • Access all label versions and related agency communications for each compound
  • Export results to Word, Excel, or HTML
  • DOC Label enables Regulatory Affairs, Labeling, PV, Clinical and Business Development staff to survey the all sections of competitor labels to understand prior precedent and support your drug development effort.

OSR provides this state-of-the-art DOC Label technology through our exclusive partnership with Doctor Evidence. This innovative software solution was only available to large pharmaceutical companies – until now.

Click here to request a 30 minute demo for you and your team as OSR displays the benefits of DOC Label. We will provide an online demonstration and present a number of functional use cases based on feedback from current enterprise subscribers.

Visit for more information about the DOC Label Solution, and how OSR can help you and your team!