Kamran Ali Zaman, Kiran Asim, Nusrat Shah, Syed Jamshed Ahmed

First published June 2018

Globally, the shift in trend from prescription drug to over-the-counter and natural substances for prevention and treatment of diseases has been
observed. Global demand for herbal and nonherbal extracts is increasing continuously. Until recently, pharmaceutical marketing, drug detailing,
and product advertising was only limited to the physicians who were actually the customers. However, recently pharmaceutical marketers have
expanded their audience by advertising directly to the consumers. It is not legal for pharmaceuticals to directly market Prescription Drugs (PD), hence Direct To Consumer Advertising (DTCA) is almost always limited to Nutraceutical Drugs (ND) and usually include dietary supplements, nutritionally fortified or engineered foods, beverages and food ingredients that promote health and reduce disease risk.

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