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MyIndago Advertising & Promotion

FREE search solution for advertising and promotion enforcement communications. Use enforcement precedent to inform better marketing decisions:

  • Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics
  • CIA's and OIG Advisory Opinions

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MyIndago Health Authority Decisions

SUBSCRIPTION search solution for health authority decisions. Find answers that inform your drug development strategy:

  • FDA Drug Approval Packages
  • Coming soon:
  • EPARs
  • FDA Advisory Committee meeting materials

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Searchlight Analytics

Searchlight Analytics creates tools to help companies put their data into action and achieve optimal regulatory and compliance outcomes:

  • Healthcare Compliance Compliance Platform
  • Open Payment Analyzer
  • HCP/REP Interaction Tracker
  • Market Insights
  • Compliance Action Track and Monitoring Tools
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Data Analyst Consulting

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DOC Label

OneSource Regulatory™ has partnered with Doctor Evidence to become the exclusive reseller of DOC Label™.

DOC Label™ is a database of all labels from the FDA, the U.K., and global territories that allows companies to retrieve and compare labeling content. Research that takes weeks to complete manually can now be completed in minutes. You also have the assurance that you have covered all available labels, not just those your team remembers from experience.

SUBSCRIPTION search solution for FDA, UK and EU approved labeling. Search, compare, save and follow your labeling searches:

  • Search, browse, and compare labels
  • Automatic alerts
  • Side-by-side results of multiple labels
  • Export results to Word, Excel, or HTML

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